The newly re-opened blog of mine has found its way to its first post. Writing this post started in the middle of Francis & The Lights "It's alright 2 cry" which is exactly what I did. I wanted to write "I BAWLED MY EYES OUT", since it's been something I've written as a response to anyone in the last 3-4 months, asking me "How are you?". But now I just bawled a little. A lil bit of bawling. Bawlish cry. So what happened? Is Darwin right and I, too, am capable of evolving? The answer lies in 20th of June, the day I got daaa DEGREEE. Someone close to me said that with graduating with a degree, the mandatory part of ones life is over. SO HELLO QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS! May you blossom in all of your glory! I'm ready for ya!!! Kinda? I think. I hope.

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