i'm so confused. fml.

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you wouldn't guess said...

I'd go lesbian for Suze. No, correction: I AM LESBIAN FOR SUZE. It's so fucking disturbing, like, you love Bob but then you're like: oohh look at that pretty chick next to him, who's that, ohh I'd tap that, no I'm serious it's actually kinda gross because you would happily have sex with both of them but when you think about it.... it's not such a good idea because, first, you're a heterosexual woman, but then again that chick is damn cute, but then you think if she's cute just because she's next to Bob and he radiates the cuteness around him... and you're stuck in this situation where you're trying to figure out who it was you were worshiping, but really, MAN, Suze is really hot.

Shitfuck I'm drunk again