"Black Swan" (2010)

I had very low expectations with this movie. I heard good and bad stories about how unrealistic it was, so I really didn't know what to expect.
  Well, after watching it two times I think I can safely say-i loved it. Freezing mirror-stills, bleeding nails, ripping skin, bones cracking like straws-it was all perfect. People imagining things are always fascinating, but imagining yourself becoming a swan took things to a whole new level. Scene where Nina (Portman) literally became a swan and her hands transformed into royal black wings was my favourite. And of course perfect imaginary killing scene . afterall, I guess after "Requiem for a Dream" you would expect something like this from Darren Aronofsky, though "Wrestler" or "Wolverine" were completely different. Overall, I approve!


~§|[**BOB-lover**]|§~ said...

Mmm, Natalie is a goddess

Pauliine said...

ma approven ka!!! see oli tohutult hea, tõepoolest