how soon is now

My mom's favourite artist when she was young were "The Smiths". Last year I asked her about her favourite artists, and she gave me their best of cd.  Well since then , Smiths have been in my top 10 for sure.The Smiths is an english rock band formed in '82 in Manchester.

i guess most of you should know this song from (500) days of summer. Well I guess I'm happy it was there, cause they deserve some attention even nowdays.

only the title of this song gives me good vibes. (??), so yeah, this is my feel-good song.

this video is so funky that you must love it. + lyrics are genius.

and last but not least one of my favourite songs from the Smiths. What I really like about them, is that these songs are all so ..what's the word..numb? i don't know. They don't take anything from you and they don't particularly give you anything either, but they reflect emotions amazingly.easygoing voice and relaxing melodies- perfect. and it's always good to listen something new(very old) for a change. Anyways if some of you didn't know them, or didn't care, please, listen to these songs. alright?


vikivandalist said...

ahh, i've always loved the smiths :) lately i've just been listening to old music, there's nothing new i've liked at the moment.

Athena. said...

Oh, I have always been incredibly fond of the Smiths. I know what you mean; it's as though their songs are rather ambiguous, you can make them your own; people can listen to them and feel something different each time. xxx

Miss said...

sa ├╝ldse kuulad ka metricut?