you know who I am lately?
that's true. I signed up to volunteer at my local freak-cinema.I think it would be the greatest thing in the world to own a cinema one day. Not big or successful, but something close to this, or this , where I can show random movies and cartoons just for fun. ah dreams dreams. Earlier today I watched first silent movie in my life. It was called "Diary of a lost girl" . I liked it. I want to watch something later tonight. maybe you know some good movies? let me know.

Did you know, that all Quentin Tarantino ( my favourite director right now) movies feature a scene in which three or more characters are pointing guns at each other at the same time.


--Sanam-- said...

I so agree with you,i would love to own a cinema someday.Imagine all the free popcorn and movies haha :D And hmm..i cant think of any movies out at the moment that i like,i am soo out of the loop at the moment,so sorry,cant think of any great movies to recommend.

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johanna said...

tarantino has a brilliant mind. inglourious basterds was mindblowing, it's nothing like all this pointless shit that's being released these days. i chewed my nails during the whole goddamn 2,5 hours until my fingers bled, that's how good it was.
i also love stanley kubrick, because he's just sick.

let's collaborate and establish the sickest cinema there has ever been

johanna said...

if you haven't seen A clockwork orange, which you probably must have...