how i'm longing for you

photobomb from our trip. going on bikes was a brilliant idea. only three days until school starts. I promised myself, i wont start counting, but here I am. three fucking days. yesterday I went to airport, because Anett came back from London. lucky bastard was there for 2 weeks. anyways yeah, i'm really happy she came back.
OH NO i haz to run, bieber is on mtv!!!!!!!1111


johanna said...

maannn i've got shitloads of things happening and i got sick and everything AAAGGHGGRFGH
you were here only on friday??! and with bicycles! RANDOM
you should've crashed the night at my place

johanna said...

PS. i want your BAG

Maari said...

mul on huge nina. i hate it. aga muidu toredad pildid ju : ) printsess Leia on best