I'll give you something to live for

all day, the only thing I could think of was this little beauty on the left. I've grown together with her. It was about time to start playing it properly. And I'm sorry, all fashion bloggers out there, because I'm not posting any outfits or stuff. I know it's probably only thing you wanna see in this blog, but sadly i can't give you that right now. I have an inspiration rush, and to waste that on taking pictures of what i was wearing would be just..a waste. So maybe next week, or in the end of this week. Maybe. Because you never know when your mind goes blank again, so I might as well take what I can right now. Oh and also, my Diana Mini's film is almost full, as soon as I get those pictures, I'll show you. Oh and also , i got my salary today, which means I can start counting days until I get inked. finally!


johanna said...

all i can think of is... the little beauty on the right. i've grown together with him.

my sense of humour is great, i know. can't deny that.

Josie said...

lovely blog! love it :)

Helene Fussing said...

serioustly your blog rocks!
btw good luck with your exams <3
and keep up the good work.
xxxx Helene

Maite Torres said...

your blog is ALWAYS interesting, it doesnt matter if you dont do any outfit posts:)
im dying to see the pictures taken with your diana!


thisgirlbeck said...

yes I can relate! i too have a "fashion" blog, but lately i've had to change my title a bit as I have been so inspired by soooooo many other things right now!!! love your blog by the way!