Denmark Denmark Denmark

I'm leaving for Denmark with kaire tomorrow. I can already feel the awesomeness ahead of us. Excuse me for the lack of posts until I get to the computer. I'll carry my camera around 24/7 and i'll capture every single awesome thing we see.


Sabrina said...

where in denmark are you going? I'm from Denmark.

Nathalie said...

hey, cool! I'm fron denmark too :-D I live near copenhagen. are you going there or somewhere else?

Dagmar said...

I hope you are going to our capital Copenhagen, it's an adorable city which I'm sure you might like :D
(I'm a Dane as well, living in Copenhagen)


Samantha said...

awe have fun!

johanna said...

heyyy guys what's going on! i'm here in the middle of nowhere, on the countryside, doing absolutely nothing and it's very awesome. get back soon my estonian soul mate!

● B I M B A ● said...

hey katrina! i posted a pic that im sure you will love!

i hope you are havin a great time in denmark!

Elena! said...

you're so lucky, I wish I could visit Denmark or Sweden.. and go shopping there ofc ;D enjoy