crimson and clover over and over

I was just thinking of what to wear on Joan Jett' s concert and then I sat down and did this little thing. every time I think of that concert I get all emotional and excited, because..damn. it's Joan,right. Kaire was @ my place and she just left few hours ago, so I finished cleaning my room and started playing guitar. I've already learned all the chords and now I really wanna get down to playing so talk to you later.


Mona said...

looks really good.

johanna said...

alright. you talked me into this you silly bastard, i'll go buy the damn tickets tomorrow YEAHHH
it will be a blast! catch you later on msn!

Emma said...

looks awesome!
but I'm just wondering if it hurts when you sit down xD


Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing shorts! I want!


Nata Amores said...

Omg, you're going to go see a Joan concert!?
This is like my dream, ever since I've delved into the entire runaways thing. love your blog, by the way.
Maybe we could follow each other? (: