my perfect day

i wake up watching this after first coke i go to my laptopwhere i find this:
then i start getting ready to go out, and drink some more cocebefore stepping out of the door i'll get my daily dose
i get thirsty , but luckily i have something with me..
with horror i realize that i'm running out of reservs
i run to the closest store to get some more

dthank god,i got the perfect one!
what a wonderful day!


Julia said...

ooh, that was so cute, thanks a lot!
nice blog !
oh, and i love coke ! def. need to get one today !

● B I M B A ● said...

haha funny!

vikivandalist said...

ahh, i love this. it reminds me of a cafe in macau i went to that was absolutely filled with coke memorabilia, bottles of all shapes and sizes, and a giant inflatable coke can. it was amazing :)

Panda said...

Adorable, I LOVE coke too. Yummy.
Panda xx

chloe said...

coke totally kicks pepsi's ass!
this post could be a cocacola ad, i love it! x