live fast

gonna see "The Runaways" for the second time tonight. god , 70's vibe has concurred my head. and 80's. and 90's. I seriously hope that I'm reborned 70's rebel.


syd vicious said...

Love the pictures and the 70's! ;)

johanna said...

shit I only have money for either billy idol or joan jett, and i want to see billy too but no one will go with me! or somehow i'll manage to get more money and go to both gigs...... what should i dooooo

Electro Geisha said...

how am i missing this movie... i should look it up on internet... enjoy :)

Nata Amores said...

Oh my goodness, I love that movie! (:
it's amazing.
and I, as well, have become obsessed with the whole 70's, 80's 90's rebel epidemic.
I just LOVE the whole vibe.