i wish it was summer..

(from crooked horizon, one of the best bloggers i know. dude you rock.)
wish it was need summer. I'd wake up around 12, make myself a strong cup of coffee, jump into the bond in my yard, host my friends at my house for a week, listen to the best and the worst music of all times, watch my favourite movies on a wall with projector, never wash my hair/take off my make-up, hang out on chatroulette with the worst webcam i know, call random people, forgot blogging for a month and then overblog for a week, drink only coke,coffee,tea,energy drink, go sleep when sun rises.


johanna said...

this is the best photo ever been taken, seriously. this is legendary.
look at john's hair hahaha. beautiful..

about the photos well, sorry mate, i have no idea! i'm so bad with html stuff uhhh.

johanna said...

and you know what, this text makes me wanna spend the summer at your place. sounds so awesome.

btw, here's the original of this photo,

Anonymous said...

sound so rebel

K. said...

Stop telling me about summer and it's awesomeness. I just want to survive til the end of may, cause i suspect that our teachers want to murder us... :S

vikivandalist said...

i really wish it was summer now, i have so many exams in a few weeks..

Hanna ja Sofia said...

Hi & thanks for your comment! And yeah, you can tumblr it if you want to. Just link me or something :)

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