gotta love m&m's

these are some awesome pictures from last weeks flea market! as you can see, it was awesome (?). Anyways i've been working for the past 3 weeks and i'm pretty tired so i'll call it a night soon. tomorrow evening i'll make a post about my old new camera and stuff, alrigghht.

oh and m&m stands for moobs&mullet. Two essentials of a real man. this joke literally made my ..year.


LLIIISU . :) said...

kus sa töötad?

Panda said...

Lovely pictures - flea markets rock!
Panda x

Emma said...

flea markets rocks!
love your blog, I'm followiing you :)


Sandra said...

Isegi vaatasin su asju, sinine kott kõitis piisavalt.

- said...

ma ei tundunud ennast ära, mõtlesin, kes see kurat veel on

johanna said...

m&m! gotta be my new slogan.

these are so cool and i'm orgasming over your hair.... if you know what i mean hahah IT'S SO GREAT.