girls got balls, they're just a little bit higher, that's all

so went to see "Runaways" today, with kaire. of course i love the movie. kristen was perfect joan and dakota also did a good job i guess. Soundtrack was amazing, as I thought and costumes were perfect. Not a day goes by without me dreaming about what it would have been like if I'd lived in 70's. damn. damn. damn. damn it.

tomorrow I'll be home alone for the entire day. It's gonna be one interesting day. I also decided that from now on, I'll play guitar every single day, until i'm as good as joan. then i'll run up to her and ask her to sign a deal with me. she'll agree because she loves me. yeap.

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Hannaliis said...

wowo, mulle väga väga meeldib su blogi!! :)