get ready to get stoned

this is unbelievably great picture. Left there's Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and right Jimi Hendrix of the Experience. They both were dead 3 years later. This picture was taken at the Monetery Pop Festival in June 1967. two years later my mother was borned. random.. You won't believe what I'd give to be there with these guys.


johanna said...

Jimi was and will always be the hottest.
after mr. Rotten, of course.
(and Eminem, hahaha)

Miia said...

sa oled mu soulmate, man
i have been wanting to fuck them for a long time, ok see oli random
sa oleks cool buddy igatahes :D

Andee Layne said...

i agree Jimi was one good looking man! xo
great photos!