..cause all i wanna do, is dream

I wish 9 years of school was all you need. I wish I'd be through with school by the end of june. I wish I could sleep whole day and stay up all night..for months. I wish I'd start taking hot showers again and then switch back to cold ones because i'ts too hot. I wish my fridge would never be empty. I wish there would be no volcanos on Island. I wish there were few in Estonia. I wish second hand shops would start giving me free stuff. I wish i had a job that brings in macbook,canon and new ipod. I wish .

OH OH OH OH MY GOD today I also got an electric guitar! at least one "I wish.." came true.


johanna said...

i wish i could drop out of school for being too stupid or rebellious. huh
i had a friend's electric guitar a year ago, i used to strum it and bounce in the living room pretending to be a rock star though all i can play is freaking jazz piano..

- said...

sa oled lahe, ükskõik kui vähe kommentaare sul on.

Style Porn said...

I wish I could work from home once in awhile...and I wish I had a digital SLR so I could take better blog pictures!

On the bright side, tomorrow is Friday.