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diana mini rocks my world right now. around lunch-time  I  bought new film , which is already full. damn. School is pretty much over. for me. I guess. I didn't went to school today & I'm not going tomorrow either. I've borrowed/bought tons of books, magazines and newspapers, so my day is fulfilled. I'll also start rearrangeing my room, because soon i'll paint everything black+white and buy an amplifier . OH OH OH also "The Runaways" starts running tomorrow. wanna see that to death. OOOHHH OHH OHH I ALMOST FORGOT , i'll go to Helsinki to see Green Day live. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts will also perform. oh my god oh my god oh my god, my dear Joan, i swear to god, i wanna marry her. she's such a sweet rebel.
Johanna from crkdzn, are you going?


jil xo said...

oooooh ! take me with you .. haha (;
i looove the runaways and absoluetly have to see the movie (:

johanna said...

ohh green day doesn't turn me on but it would be fun to go and pretend being an overly obsessed fan. BUT JOAN JETT GODDAMNIT HER VOICE IS PURE SEX


johanna said...

DUDE that would be the highlight of my summer, green day + you guys hahaha! I NEED THE TICKETS!