You make my heart sing

(from Fashion,What? which I adoreadoreadore, check her out)
Just got back from the trials. Last ones. Now i have nothing else to do, than just wait. If i get in to this school, I'd be the happiest person on this planet. I did pretty ok, so ..LET'S JUST HOPE, shall we?
Soon I should start getting ready for my friends bday party, which is going to be huge(!!).
You know that feeling, when you're working your ass off to be original, different, and then someone just copy's you of every single time. disgusting.
other than that, i'm ok. even happy. you?


Maari said...

ouuuuu pane ära!!!!!!!! party up

Elaqua said...

great pics

johanna said...

i feel sorry for those who copy. we are really all original but they ruin it when they decide to try to be somebody else, that's humiliating.

and yeah we shall hope :D

K. said...

Ohh, su blogi on vapusatv! See rändab nüüd küll mu "follow" listi :)