So yesterday I got back from Sweden. No photos to show you , unless you really want to see about 1000 pics of me and Kaire in lifts, toilets or cabin. It was awesome, the weather was awesome, girls and boys were all gorgeous, STOCKHOLM IS SO FREAKIN AWESOME CITY, i swear one day I'll live there. If everything goes extremly well, then I'm going to learn swedish starting next year. awesome.
Anyway tomorrow I'm celebrating my birthday with my friends(actual date is 6th). We're going to shooting gallery to compete in who's better lazer-gun-umm...killer. yeap. and later , i don't know. Maybe off to myplace or town or smth , we'll see. freakingawesome ss16, isn't it?:D
oh and i just reached 10000 profile views, thank you so so much! you're awesome!


Minette said...

♥ Absolutely fabulous! Great look and great shirt! Love it!



ZEUS said...

Woahh those licorice nails are awesome and I have a shit just like this one but in yellow... This one is almost cooler I think.

Clara said...

you blog is my fav
much love your clothes.

Isabella said...

i love ur style!
check out my blog!

Vanessa said...

so jealous! i really want to go to stockholm, i think Scandinavians have such great style

Electro Geisha said...

awesome nails! congrats on your profile views :) have a nice weekend

Sara said...

I love that bag!
The ring in your right hand is awesome :)
See you here:

Kristiana V said...

love your nails :DD

itsJil said...

<3 your blog&your bag& your nails :)