So today I was on a bus, when suddenly this at least 40 yrs old Russian guy starts beating the crap out of a 8-10 yrs old little boy, and guess why? Because he took his seat. unbelievable. i was so pissed of, i swear i thought i was going to puke because of this. No one said anything, everybody turned their head away. disgusting.
ANYWAY, today i found out the results..and...on monday i'll have a chat with the schools management.My drawing got max points from one teacher. heeeeeeeelll yeah, really, couldn't be happier about it.
though I'm really really sorry for the boy. If you're wondering, he's ok, he got out of the bus same stop as I did and his dad picked him up.


Minette said...

Fabulous look! love love love your jacket!


K. said...

reisisaatjad ikka ja alati abiks!

johanna said...

what the fuck is wrong with people! seriously. what the hell! these things make me so sick too.... ugh

ohhh yeaah congrats! you rock, now go have a party or something!

KALIN said...

Ugh, sometimes old folks take shit too far.

HELI said...


Teenage (ariel) Dirtbag said...

great great style

Anonymous said...

Hei, mis koolidesse kandideerid ? :)

Khourtneyy said...

thats sad.. i just wanna know why we [humans] act like this

that girl lucy said...

this outfit is perfection!!
that is such a sick biker jacket
and i waaannt all your rings and 'tattoos'
lucy x
oh and how sad, what a dickhead :'(