ok this is scary. I have a fever, my head hurts, and I can't sleep. t e r r i b l e.
pictures of our rehearsal this week.


Minette said...

WOW... YOU RE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isabella said...

amazing i just looooove you're style!
killer pics!

>new update!

Maari said...

türa kaire on nagu joan jett. FUCK YES. tead mul on teile mu orksi albumis üks pilt. mine vaata!!!!! IMPORTANT.

Mona said...

love your nailpolish

Mona said...

haha I have fever 2! The flue hit me hard..

The Owl Diary said...

feel better soon! seems like everyone's getting the bug. xx

INVADER. said...

leojacket the best

Hannah said...

rehearsal looks like so much fun but can't be good for the headache!

ps you should totally do the shaved leopard print, but i reckon it would look cool on the side a la alice dellal

Francheska said...

dammn i just wrote you a comment and it dissapeared!
i was saying: why are you so damn awesome!!!!!!!!!

michelle_ said...

holy cow !
you're effin gorgeous !
i freakin love your leopard outerwear !
wish i could get a better view of your shaved hair !

thanks much for the comments dear !
visit - follow - comment me back at..
glisters and blisters

itsJil said...

i like the blazer(: