running through my mind all day

(Fashion,what . Ilikeyoursundaypersonality. and something else too..)
I'm feeling better (thank god), but I'll still stay home for tomorrow, just in case. it's women's day here, but since I'm staying home, only flowers and Rafaello's i got, was from my brother and father. fail.
NB: have you noticed how often i post these days? crazy..


Isabella said...

obsessed with alice and you're fucking blog!
damn, it's cool as hell.
Love this post!

>new UPDATE!


Amelia said...

cool photos

Electro Geisha said...

I hope you are feeling MUCCCHHH better today :)these photos are great and I totally adore the one from OC (I guess??) with words "Yeah, Im fine... im just having an allergic reaction to the universe" Feels like me sometimes :)

Sarah said...

really cool pictures! especially the last one, love it

johanna said...

ohh the second photo is heaven
hope you're alright at the moment!

alexia.p said...

love adam brody he's hysterical.
have you ever seen in the land of women?