release the tiger

last night i was so angry. you wont believe. I mean, I could have killed someone, I was so furious. But anyway, after a long talking-to-myself-while-in-shower, i came to conclusion that anger is the best motivator. yeah.
oh and i really do appreciate all comments and stuff, i just talked to one blogger like for hours, about comments and stuff. Following is like- hey yeah follow me back yeah,( I'm not saying I don't like followers, i love them haha) but comments show that someone is really there you know. Even for just to say hi or something. So i really do love them. well anyway, some outfit post soon?
+ I've been through almost every picture on the Internet about Wildwood, in New Jersey - i defiantly wanna go there.


Reaper said...

you know why is the shower such a good place to find the right answers?

Kat said...

hi, i'm here. :) ahaha, and i know how you feel about the anger thing lol

Ninnu said...

Waiting for the outfit post :)

nadine. said...

i hate those who are just like "i follow you if you follow me" that sucks. I mean I don't follow a blog i am not itnerested in, right?
that's just a lie in my eyes otherwise..

well 'hi'.
i follow your blog through google reader for some time now and i really like to read it.

Lisa said...

hi. i'm there. xD
i love comments too.. never get any though -.- well i write my blog like mainly for friends and when i tell them to comment, they're like, i dont know what to saaay, i read your blog isnt that enough?

Fashion Monstre said...

haha i live like an hour away from there and i only went once when i was 2 but its pretty fun from what i've heard!