C suffered through a week of migraines which made us both reevaluate a lot of stuff. If we've learned anything from the last year, it's that beauty often comes from the ugliest places and situations. Tossing self-pity, seemingly never-ending sadness and fear aside. Eating good, sleeping good, feeling good.


by herself she's so impressed

And yer ass barely passed any and every class, looking at every ass, cheated on every test, I guess, this is my dissertation, Homie this shit is basic, welcome to Graduation


I've figured this place is going to act as a safe space for mua and mua only. As of for now, I don't feel allowed to express myself to the fullest (make no mistake, the blame is mine only). I hold probably around 60% of myself in at all times. I silence my opinion and change my truths accordingly. Which has worn me out to the stage of complete and utter depression from time to time. But where there's a shadow, there must be light, so I guess I'm rebooting now. After all, I'm hosting a whole universe inside of me.



The newly re-opened blog of mine has found its way to its first post. Writing this post started in the middle of Francis & The Lights "It's alright 2 cry" which is exactly what I did. I wanted to write "I BAWLED MY EYES OUT", since it's been something I've written as a response to anyone in the last 3-4 months, asking me "How are you?". But now I just bawled a little. A lil bit of bawling. Bawlish cry. So what happened? Is Darwin right and I, too, am capable of evolving? The answer lies in 20th of June, the day I got daaa DEGREEE. Someone close to me said that with graduating with a degree, the mandatory part of ones life is over. SO HELLO QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS! May you blossom in all of your glory! I'm ready for ya!!! Kinda? I think. I hope.